There is this thing in all of us, where's you saw something and it just,- clicks, ,,this is it''.

And that is exactly what happens to me, when i see any of those drawings. Each one of them, has a story behind.

Might be, that for you, it reminds of something too.

About me

Been drawing since the childhood. My classmates would refer to me as ,,that kid who's drawing a lot ?''

Thus, here we are, making art based on games that i played for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Mostly,- open world RPG's. Some of the well known names are Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Recently, - started Elden Ring. And before that, finished both Dark Souls I and Dark Souls II. Fallout 3, New Vegas & Fallout 4, were obsessions as well.

That being said, gonna meet you in one of those drawings.

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